The impact the brewing industry has on our planet is not given the attention it deserves. Every litre of beer produced uses 300 litres of water. That one litre also used 15 megajoules of energy and kicks out around 800 grams of Co2 into the atmosphere.-

The Zero Impact Brewing Project has been launched to address each and every environmental issue in the brewing process, from grain to glass. We are on a mission to work towards a zero impact brewing process. Every idea and innovation we come across and develop along the way will be shared online as a free source of information available to all brewers across the planet.

To get the ball rolling, we will be launching our very first brew on July the 3rd. We have taken the largest waste product from the brewing process - spent grains - and created a viable and nutritional by-product. Soon you will be able to find this product being stocked on local shop shelves, and being used by local artisanal bakeries.

For us to keep driving this project forward we need your help to spread the word. Please sign up to the campaign below and follow instructions to share on social media and by email. We are even giving away free cans of our first brew as a thank you.

We will be collaborating with some of the most talented brewers around, to produce awesome beer and raise awareness for the project. You will be able to sign up to receive beers monthly from our beer club or just order beer when you need it.