There’s a craft beer explosion happening right now, and it’s amazing. The big guys have no problem getting their beer in supermarkets around the country, which is convenient, but that’s only a fraction of what’s out there. There’s so many amazing craft beers being made, and the best way to support them and keep their brewers going is to drink them – simple eh?

Our founder Chris & best mate Russ were a couple of normal beer enthusiasts – and they still are really. While talking to brewers about how to make their own homebrew more delicious/actually drinkable, the boys got a glimpse of how much amazing craft ale there was out there that they’d never heard of. And they love beer. They wanted to try them all, and thought other people would too… and so Crafted Crate was born.

How it all started.

Chris and Russ found that more they got involved, the more passionate they’ve become about creating a community around good beer, the folks who make it and the folks that drink it. The stronger the community gets, the more it can support the brewers, and the more they can make exciting beer you just don’t find in the supermarket. From one-off brews just for you guys, to building an entire brewery as part of the UK's first non-profit brewer accelerator. It’s all part of our mission to help encourage the next wave of incredible brewers, preserving trade-craft and nurturing innovation. So we can keep discovering truly remarkable beer.

What we're up to.

Why we do it.

Who knows, hopefully one day a Crafted Crew member could go from drinking our delicious beers, through our brew school and incubator, all the way to seeing their beer in pubs and shops as part of the next wave of brewing talent? That’s a dream we’ll drink to!