Welcome to the world's most exclusive beer club.‍‍‍ Our beer‍‍‍ club is where it all started for us and is one of our favourite things about Crafted Crate. We have our very own tank installed at Good Things Brewing Co., and every month we brew in collaboration with their head brewer, one of the best in the UK scene.

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As a member of the beer club, for just £3 per can, we will send you 12 cans of this exclusive beer every month (+£4.99 delivery), Free delivery if you want 24 or more. As long as there is available space in the club, we will always hold stock‍‍‍ to be shipped straight away.‍‍‍

If you love the beer, you can grab more, while stocks last. As we're brewing in small batches, we only have space for 125 members, and once the beer is gone, it's gone!‍‍‍‍‍‍

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