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Firstly congratulations on getting here, this secret beer club can only be reached by referral  from one of our founding members, we want this club to be full of people that love what we do and want to support us.


Welcome to the world's most exclusive beer club. Our beer club is where it all started for us and is one of our favourite things about Crafted Crate. We have our very‍‍‍ own tanks‍‍‍ installed at Good Things Brewing Co., and every month we brew in collaboration with them to create a no boundaries, no holds barred, no expense spared craft brew.

We do this by consulting with and advising breweries ‍‍‍on ways to reduce their environmental impact and head towards a zero impact brewing process. The profit from our beer club goes towards providing this as a free service to each Brewery we work with.

12 BEERS - Free Delivery

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After 18 months of running the original Crafted Crate beer club, and visiting just about every UK brewer on the scene, we realised just how much of a negative impact the brewing process can have. So we decided to do something about it. In August 2017‍‍‍ we relaunched Crafted as a mission driven movement to help the brewing industry reduce its impact.

6 BEERS - Delivery £4.99


- We brew 2 brand new brews exclusively every month. Filling your crate 50/50 with e‍‍‍ach beer style.

- We then send these direct to your door the day they are canned, super‍‍‍ fresh, super tasty.

- If one batch is not for you, we promise an instant money back guarantee.

- Just £3 a beer, FREE DELIVERY on our 12 Crate.