We provide personalised beer for our customers. Imagine having your own branded craft beer stocked in your fridge for your team members or guests to enjoy.  You get to pick the style, ABV, message and branding on the cans. Come up with your own label design, or let us help with this. It’s completely up to you. We can provide a one-off stock of canned beer or an ongoing supply to keep you & your team topped up.

Get your own branded craft beer

All of our beers are brewed by co-founder, Russ, in partnership with Good Things Brewing Co. This brewery is at the forefront of the sustainable evolution of the brewing process, and aims to mitigate the environmental costs of creating great beer. Each environmental factor associated with brewing is explored, researched, and improved upon, be it electricity consumption, water use or waste products. All ideas, concepts, innovations and improvements are freely shared with the wider brewing community with the aim of being the driving force behind creating a healthy, more sustainable industry.

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