The Crafted Crate

There are over 1400 breweries in the UK continually experimenting and pushing forward the art of craft beer. We distill 30 days of research down to 12 outstanding brews, for you to enjoy.

Everyone has different preferences, one person's favourite tipple might be another's idea of a liquid car crash. As craft beer lovers we knew we had to build a club that is tailored to everyone's taste.

The only fully tailored Craft Beer Club


-  we spend all month tracking down the beers everyone is raving about

- every beer is a trend setter, bar raiser or hidden gem

- we never repeat beers in our crates

- the beer is fresh fresh fresh, so drink as soon as possible for maximum appreciation

- we only work with independent brewers, never with corporate brewers

- we pay brewers a fair price to play our part in this awesome industry

When signing up to Crafted Crate we start by sending you 12 craft beers curated by us. This crate is packed full of various styles, so you can tell us which ones you loved and which ones you didn't. Then we customise your next crate based on your taste preferences.

Then we take the tailoring even further. Our members rate each beer and 4 elements of it's composition. We take these ratings, putting the most loved beer forward. Based on the 4 rated elements we then work with the brewer who created the original beer to craft a new and exclusive beer for our Club Members.

This new beer will become a part of our collaboration series, two of these will feature in your upcoming crates, with an option of buying more.

A few little guarantees...

We know that 12 beers a month is not for everyone, so you can dial down the frequency of your subscription whenever you want.