Pushing Boundaries - DIPA (8.1%)

No one ever got anywhere in life by playing it safe. With 2 kilos of hops per barrel its a beast of a brew. Here’s to the motivators, risk takers and achievers. Here’s to “Pushing Boundaries”.

Phantom - IPA (5.3%)

The unmistakable tempting malts, heaped with chewy, resinous hops will mysteriously appear on your taste buds from nowhere. A supernatural apparition of a beer.

Transmission - IPA (6.9%)

Classic American style IPA uses higher alcohol to balance out huge late hopping. Light body and dry finish make the beer very drinkable. Getting the balance between aroma and flavour is the primary focus without too much bitterness dominating. A mix of classic American hops for dank pine and citrus while newer varieties add notes of tropical and citrus fruit.



Meet the twelve. Each one a masterclass.

Sputnik - APA (5%)

Dry hopped with juicy American varieties. This style of pale ale is all about drinkability and aroma, the body and colour are light and crisp in order to accentuate the citrus, pine, tropical and stonefruit aromas from the American hops

Banshee - Indian Rye Ale (5.2%)

A seductively moreish sweet and spicy beer abound with juicy passionfruit and pine aroma. You’ll be wailing for more.

Thicket - Bramble Sour (4.5%)

You stumble into a tangle of briars, are kissed by an abundance of tart blackberries, recoil in shock but still go back for more.

Roosevelt - APA (4.5%)

American hopped and ruggedly individual. Possessed of a defined, slaking bitterness but tempered with aromatic pine notes and a pithy grapefruit flavour from judicious dry hopping.

Cannonball - IPA (7.4%)

Cannonball is an India Pale Ale in the true tradition, high in alcohol and massively hopped. Tropically fruity, resinous hops compete against a sweet malty backbone, while a rasping bitterness builds to a mouth puckering crescendo. A hop bomb that will blow you out of the water.

Common Grounds - Triple Coffee Porter (5.4%)

A full-bodied, decadently smooth coffee beer collaboration with local roaster Dark Woods. 7 different malts combine with 7 different coffees added at 3 different points during the brew to create a sweet toffee, rich fruit and chocolate depth, accented with notes of vanilla, and hazelnut.


Nitro Milch Weisse (5%)

A dark schöps brewed with lactose sugar and six different wheat malts and carbonated with nitrogen. Rich and creamy with an aroma of roasted coffee and tobacco.

The Expatriate - Session IPA (4.5%)

The beer that upped sticks and moved to the other side of the pond. Strong english backbone of malt combined with the aroma that we all know and love that stems from the citrussy american hops.

Piñata - Tropical Pale (4.5%)

Four tropical fruits pair with new world hops. Mandarin and grapefruit peel in the kettle and Guava and Mango after fermentation. It’s what the Lilt man serves you on your 18th birthday.