Knight Ryeder Rye IPA (6%)

This rye beer collaboration between Arundel and Staggeringly Good delivers a punchy rye spiciness that hits the right note. A hoppy charge into the dangerous world of a beer that does not exist! A fresh rye IPA on a crusade to champion the cause of hops, barley, rye and yeast!

Weird Beard

Location: SW - London

Signature Brew

Location: London

Troy Town Saison (6.1%)

Farmhouse saison. With Belgian yeast flavours and distinctive Japanese Sorachi Ace hops, this is no wallflower of a beer.

Session IPA (4.3%)

Brewed with Extra Pale Malt to give a light crisp body, this Session IPA is heavily dry-hopped to produce intense citrus flavours and aromas. 360’s most recent SIBA Award winner.

Old School IPA (6.6%)

This is the IPA your Dad drank (...if your Dad was a visionary CALIFORNIAN in the early years of modern American craft beer). Massive additions of "C" hops deliver intense aromas and flavours, an assertive bitterness and a clean crisp finish.



Meet the twelve. Each one a masterclass.

Brighton Bier

Location: Brighton

Stout (4.9%)

Brewed with five different malts, including Flaked Oats, to create a smooth, dark Stout, with a chocolate sweetness, balanced with the generous use of Fuggles hops.

360° Brewing Company

Location: Sussex

Brockwell IPA (5.6%)

Canopy’s signature IPA - straightforward, smooth and easy drinking. Their first beer, and still a best seller. Smooth & rounded with tropical fruit hop flavour, using American Cascade and Citra hops and British Maris Otter malts. No wonder this IPA is an easy favourite.

Canopy Beer Co

Location: Herne Hill - London

Roadie All-Night IPA (4.3%)

A beer inspired by all those people who make live music possible. From the lighting engineer, to the doorman, to the tireless road crew. Behind every good show, there's a team of Roadies, and behind every team of Roadies, there's beer. Any hard graft needs to be followed by pleasing refreshment. True to style Roadie provides this with crisp and fresh notes that become the centrepiece of a truly satisfying beer. Cascade and Columbus hops provide a kick ass bitterness along with bags of Citrus, pine and resinous flavours, whilst Summit the unsung hero of the piece offers herbal hints as well as lemongrass and pink grapefruit.

Nightliner Coffee Porter (Collaboration with Curved Brick Roastery) (5.8%)

Two things fuel the rock 'n' roll souls aboard Nightliners; beer and coffee! Signature Brew have teamed up with Leyton locals Curved Brick Co to create their latest beer - Nightliner - a 5.7% coffee porter. Nightliner is made with two Curved Brick coffee brands; Spectrum and Clock 66, which were used in the mashing stage, whirlpool with the hops and a two phase cold infusion during conditioning. You can expect an abundance of intense, complex coffee notes in both the aroma and taste with hints of dark chocolate, forest fruits and a pleasing acidity.

Out of Office Ethiopian Coffee IPA (7%)

Made with Has Bean Yirgacheffe Konga Sedie Natural beans. This gives bright Ethiopian coffee flavour, predominantly of blueberry, to balance with the IPA bitterness.

Hops Maiden England Oatmeal Pale (4.5%)

As the name states, the oatmeal pale ale uses all-UK ingredients. Weird Beard are putting out various prototypes of this beer as they experiment with traditional and new English hops. Expect earthier hop aromas and flavours but none of the drabness, they are Weird Beard after all!




Wild Card Brewery

Location: London

Jack of Clubs Ruby Ale (4.5%)

A ruby ale. Initial malty sweetness from British Crystal malts gives way to a balanced and lengthy hoppy bitterness created using a blend of flavourful and fragrant American hops.

Ace of Spades London Porter (4.7%)

A classic London Porter with flavours of rich chocolate, smooth caramel and a roasted coffee edge. Full-bodied and deliciously dark.